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Areola/Nipple Restoration - Restoring the beauty of a natural looking breast after a mastectomy.

Repigmentation of the areola/nipple is the final phase in your complete breast reconstruction. Once your physician has completed the reconstructive surgery after the mastectomy, the final procedure is the areola/nipple repigmentation. This service finishes the breast mounds to once again look like your own natural breast, including nipple & areola color. Genevieve specializes in the "illusion of protrusion" as seen in the photos. (For those choosing NOT to undergo another surgery for nipple reconstruction).

Alopecia - framing the face when brows are non-existant

Repigmentation of the brow is an instant, surprising uplifting frame to the face. No longer spending valuable time each morning trying to achieve that perfect symetrical brow.

Cleft lip / scar through the brow or lip -

Reshaping the border of the mouth and filling in the color of the lips, or throughout a scar on the brow can provide permanent camoflage to an undesireable scar.

Vitilago - please read an important message on our FAQ page.

Revive Clinic Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic BELIEVES in giving back...


Truly, if I could give the entire world eyebrows (because I know how good it makes people feel), I would. 


 A greatly reduced fee is offered to those with

-alopecia totalis or universalis (50% off, discounted at service)

-burn survivors (20% deposit, paid at booking (80% off final pricing))

-areola restoration following mastectomy (20% deposit, paid at booking (80% off)). 

Compassionate pricing is for clients that fit the descriptions above. 

For clients seeking urgent services to due starting cancer treatment, please schedule an appointment and then contact me via the contact form as soon as possible, and I will make every effort to 

accommodate you prior to starting treatment.


Financing is available for all other scenarios, please see the link at the bottom of this page. 


Aside from my family, nothing has ever given me such joy as seeing the look on peoples faces when they see my work on their face or body for the first time.

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