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Enhance your eyes by making them look bigger, more defined, and wide-awake with fuller looking lashes! A subtle, barely there line amongst your top lashes that suits any face, including men, is a LASH ENHANCEMENT SERVICE.


An EYELINER SERVICE includes lash enhancement and continues above the lash line, to a thin, medium, thick, crisp or smokey line with or without a 'flick'.

Your safety and comfort is of utmost importance, our clients are often heard exclaiming how surprised they were that they completely relaxed. We take the time to ensure that you fully understand your procedure and make full use of top quality anaesthetics.

You can view many of our clients reactions in candid videos on our

ever growing FACEBOOK page.


Lash growth serums must be discontinued a minimum of TWO MONTHS prior to any liner service and extensions must be removed a minimum of one week prior.


During the one week healing time after your service, mascara and shadows must be avoided for one week. Consider a fabulous lash tint/lift 4 days prior to an eyeliner procedure.

Genevieve is highly trained and experienced in several eyeliner techniques.

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